3.14 CANNES, an active environmental player

We are what we eat : It is because the way we eat influences our health and that of the planet that the restaurants of the 3.14 CANNES want to change the way of thinking.

Organic is a state of mind : That means living daily with the seasons. By offering products that contribute positively to improving the current environmental situation.

Eating local makes sense : By working solely with local products we reduce our carbon footprint and insure the best condition of the product upon arrival. In-house is a skill !   At the 3.14 CANNES dishes are homemade, that is to say they are made on-site by our chefs with fresh products.

Gourmet food suited for everyone : Because we are aware that some clients have special needs, the majority of your dishes are certified gluten-free and our staff is trained to answer your questions in case of allergies to other products.

Organic is a way of life : The restaurants at 3.14 CANNES pride themselves in creating organic and gluten-free dishes as this gives meaning to our cuisine.

It’s an easy way to enjoy oneself all while respecting one’s body and the planet.

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