3.14 BEACH, The restaurant menu

…The only private beach offering an organic and gluten free menu


Duck foie gras with seasonal stewed fruits 25€    😀/IF
Scallop carpaccio with celery and green apple 22€.   GF/IF
Goat cheese fritters with artichokes and mixed salad leaves 19€    😀/IF
Citrus fruit quinoa salad and marinated dill salmon 22€    GF/IF/OF
Squid salad with artichokes and candied tomatoes 22€    GF/IF

Beef tartar with French fries and mixed salad leaves 21€    GF/IF/OF
Thinly-sliced llet of raw beef marinade 31€    IF/OF

Poke bowl : Quinoa, avocado, red cabbage, grapefruit, bean, pumpkin seed, coriander) 16€    GF/IF/OF
Soy Steack , wok fried noodles and vegetables18€    OF/IF

Grilled bass with wild fennel 33€    GF/IF/OF
Stir-fried scallops with vegetables , soy sauce and wok fried noodles 28€   IF
Roasted codfish with vegetables and white butter sauce 26€    GF/IF/😀
Grilled salmon steak with virgin olive oil and capers 27€    GF/IF/OF/😀

Grilled beef filet with provencal win sauce and truffle oil 31€    GF/IF/OF/😀
Lamb shank confit with vegetables of the market 24€    GF/IF
Roasted veal filet with mixed fried mushrooms and parsley 30€    GF/IF/OF
Free range chicken supreme with green pepper 24€    GF/IF/OF/😀

Risotto/Pasta (can be gluten-free)
Vegetables of the market quinoa risotto 15€    OF/GF
“Alla caprese” spaghetti (tomato sauce with mozza, garlic and basil) 18€    OF/😀

Orange and passion cheesecake   9€    OF/GF
Pear pie 9€.   OF/GF
Irish coffee cake 9€    OF/GF
Chocolate fondant 9€    OF/GF
Café gourmand 13€    OF/GF

Additional Garnish 4€

Child menu 15€
A dish with an 😀 or nuggets or fish or steak with an accompaniment
Ice Cream

Menu with market products : 29€

*OF: Organic Food
GF: Gluten Free
IF: Integrated Farming

Organic food Gluten free Homemade Products from an Integrated Farming All dishes are served with seasonal garnish Due to their organic origin, we may run out of some products. Our sta is available to answer any questions you might have. All our dishes are homemade

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